Forcing Ideas into Obedience

It sounds heavy handed, but trust me, a wild idea can barrel over you like a T-1000 in a runaway semi if you’re not prepared to grab it by the grille and wrestle it into submission. OBEDIENT MACHINE catches the potential in wild ideas and forcefully shapes them into purposeful, powerful creations.

I’m Manny Jasus, a designer, artist and musician from the bustling metropolis of Concord, New Hampshire and OBEDIENT MACHINE is my personal brand. It’s the place where I share projects I’ve created for people with big ideas for themselves and their businesses. I also share personal projects, whether it’s art, music, a short story, or a satisfyingly nostalgic pop-culture LEGO model.


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OBEDIENT MACHINE operates and excels in 3 areas of effective creative production; 3 powerful modes of bone-shaking, teeth-rattling output:




And the Name?

Whether we admit it or not, we’re all obedient to something. Something compels us. Hunger, loneliness, joy, love, weariness, addiction; they’re all unyielding masters. And like a machine, each of us is created for a certain purpose. We can choose our level of obedience and how we fulfill our function, but in the end, each of us is an OBEDIENT MACHINE.

I’m obedient to my need to create; to design, to make art and music, to write. I learn new things, gain experience, build and improve skills to upgrade and enhance my machine. I won’t fight it. It’s a compulsion I gladly surrender to.


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What People Say

Manny’s creative and artistic abilities blend seamlessly with his exceptional collaborative skills and ease in working with others. Open communication and a remarkable ability to bring project goals to life made him an invaluable associate on multiple projects. Manny is the first person I turn to for graphic design recommendations and support.

Andrew Schwab
Senior IT Manager

I have to say I have been very lucky to work with a lot of good designers in my career and Manny is one of the very best. We always seemed to mesh on his creative ideas and his work is always very detailed. The one thing I always liked about Manny is his ability to work also with developers to explain his thoughts on how his designs would work for users. I would recommend Manny a thousand times over for any creative/design job you may have, whether it be for t-shirts to website UI.

Steve Morin
Digital Strategist & Web Developer

Manny has been an ongoing consultant to our church in the area of visual design including developing our logo and website. He is an absolute delight to work with. He is prompt and thorough, creative and humorous. When we faced some technical hurdles he quickly found solutions for us, increasing our confidence in our working relationship with him. We will continue to turn to him first for our design and website development needs.

David Pinckney
Lead Pastor at River of Grace Church

Mr. Jasus produced the best possible iteration of a logo I could have ever hoped for. He did it with amazing professionalism, an excellent understanding of time constraint, and a sense of passion I would normally never believe possible for an outside 3rd party in which to commit. He not only showcased the work. He took us on a journey through the evolution of the material. An evolution born out of our direction, goals, company ideals, and focus.

I happily and enthusiastically recommend Mr. Jasus. His body of work should speak for itself, but like a resume you don’t get a sense of the zen-like experience he’ll take you through when designing anything people are intended to see for your company. If you want the best experience and the right image for whatever you endeavor, he is the right person to do the job. Especially if you want the job done right and done right the first time.

Emanuel F. Camacho
PMP, Staff Writer at Flickering Myth

Engage The Machine

Have a wild idea you’d like forced into obedience? Whether you need designs for a website, a logo, or something else, THE MACHINE can help. Let’s begin.


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Have a wild idea you'd like forced into OBEDIENCE? Whether you need designs for a website, a logo, or something else, THE MACHINE can help.

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