By Manny Jasus

Written as a waltz, this is a song about a scientist with just enough knowledge and ambition to be dangerous, and his tragically grand gesture to impress an unrequited love.

Listen to the song here.

Let’s blow up the moon, to see if we can.
I worked it all out, created a plan.
Before it’s too late, let’s prove them all wrong.
They’ll never believe in us, until it’s all gone.
And then they’ll know.

You are the reason for what I’ve invented.
The Physics I’ve bent ‘cause I meant it
The grandest of gestures for you.
You are worth all the years of construction.
Imminent lunar destruction
– all of it worth it for you.

Let’s blow up the moon, you know that we must.
And need to reduce it, to rubble and dust.
They all need to know, let’s show them tonight.
For thinking they know what’s best, what gives them the right?
And then they’ll know.

Don’t freak out, there’s a fire in the sky.
And there’s a chance that we’re gonna die.
Ambition’s a tricky thing.
I’m sorry I burned everything.

Let’s blow up the moon, although we have failed.
We’ll learn from this setback, and then we’ll prevail.
Before you storm off, and while we’re alive,
Just give me a chance to prove that we can survive.
… though I know we won’t.

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