By Manny Jasus

A short commentary on phones and camping.

“What do you mean ‘No Service’?! We’re in the freakin’ BOONies!”

“HEY! Attitude! We’re here to relax, to unplug for a few days and just be.”

“Well, it sucks! How am I supposed to check Facebook? Or snap my new hiking boots? Can’t even text. SO lame.”

“You liked the idea last week. Remember our compromise? Sleep in a cabin ‘stead of a tent? You agreed. I’m no lawyer, but that seems like a binding contract to me :)”

“Stop smirking. And yeah, but I thought we’d have wifi. Or at least a DAMN signal!”

“MOUTH! And holding it over your head won’t help. We’re miles from a tower.”


“Why don’t you just put it away and chill. You kids still ‘chill’ right? Or is it twerk? I can’t keep ’em straight.”

“Dad, EW! And yeah, we ‘kids’ still ‘chill’. Guess I could just hang.”


“FML! Battery just died!”

“Even better.”

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