By Manny Jasus

When our world ends, when our world is destroyed, it won’t be from from war, disease or any disaster we’ve ever seen. No, when our world ends, it will be because Giant Robots from outer space invade and attempt to destroy us. This song will help you overcome and defeat them.

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The Robots Are Coming (So We Might As Well Dance)

The robots are coming.
They’re flying through space, to wipe out our race.
The robots are angry.
They’re tired of being stereotyped and they’re planning their revenge.

The robots have landed.
They’re eighty feet tall and charging their death-rays.
The robots are marching.
They’re crushing our cars, disrupting our Wi-Fi.

And there’s nothing we can do.
They’ve burned our armies and our zoos.
It looks like this might be the end for us.
There’s nothing left to say, don’t try to run away.
They have disabled Google Maps.

So, dance, dance.
There’s nothing left to do.
There’s nothing left to do so dance, dance!
There’s nothing left to do.

The robots are talking.
They’re beeping out loud, and drawing attention.
The robots are self-conscious.
It seems they left to attack without packing pants.

The robots are rusty.
They’ve let themselves go, it’s a little disgusting.
The robots are nervous.
They’re feeling alone and are cold from the draft.

The robots are swaying.
It seems that our dancing is shorting their circuits.
The robots are shaking.
Their dials are spinning, and smoke is shooting out their ears.

The robots are crying.
They can’t beat our dancing and are leaving in defeat!

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