The Challenge

When one of my writer/blogger friends and his business partner asked me to design a logo for their book publishing company, Caffeine & Ink, I jumped at the chance. Talking to these guys for less than a minute, it’s clear they’re extremely passionate about coffee and writing – not only writing books and blog posts themselves, but helping writers they dig get their books published and out into the world too. The challenge was creating a logo that expressed their unique personality and independent spirit.

The Solution



These thoughts and our conversations percolated inside my brain and dripped out into the minimal “pen mug” mark – a combination of the two things these guys use the most day to day. The type is Amaranth, a sans serif font by Gesine Todt. It has strong, solid forms, and just enough curves to be literarily sexy.


Because the forms are minimal and remain readable at a variety of sizes, the logo is also great for an ink stamp – what better way to mark all the books these guys read and publish.



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