The Challenge

Commemorate a recent trip to Oregon while scratching the creative itch I got while experiencing the beauty there.

The Solution

A badge design that represents not only the trip, but my love of sun, mountains and passion for finding and drinking great local beer.


For me, local is always better whether it’s food, friends, or beer. On a recent trip to Oregon, I was inspired not only by the beautiful scenery and overall friendliness of everyone I met, but also by the amazing beer I had a chance to sample – so I decided to create a badge to commemorate my time and that feeling. And it’s not limited to Oregon – I’m crazy about the breweries where I live too.



The lines are thick, like the blood and sweat Oregonian brewers pour into their brews (not literally, but you get the idea). The font is Nunito. I don’t usually use rounded fonts, but this one really fits here and gives the overall design a National Park Badge sort of feel.





Maybe this will end up on a sticker, t-shirt or beer coaster at some point. What do you think? Let me know!

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