The Challenge

Create a new beer label design for Red Rack Ale.

The Solution

A total redesign from the ground up, using minimal design and colors that work on dark or light containers with or without a traditional label behind them (can be printed directly on bottles or cans). The red antlers (for the last 2 examples anyway) are also capital “R”s.

Ultimately the brewery went in a different direction and didn’t use any of my designs, but the exercise was a good one. More about that below.*






Did I mention this is a total redesign and would have been a completely new direction for the brewery? Woodstock Inn Brewery recently redesigned their logo, opting for a more minimal approach, but left the label designs for each of their offerings relatively untouched.

Their existing branding: Each type of beer has an oval “frame” in which a unique piece of art is placed (maybe created by different artists?) giving each beer its own personality while remaining consistent to the overall Woodstock brand. While I dig their new brewery logo direction and think it’s a good first step, the rest of the bottle/can designs seem a bit less adventurous.

If they’d been interested, they could have really pushed the limits of not only their brand, but what’s generally expected from established beer branding. That’s what I attempted with this design – push limits, be memorable, stand out.

*Woodstock Inn Brewery had a call for entries for this redesign, and yes, although it could be considered spec work, I wanted to do it because designing anything beer-related is awesome! Like I said, they ended up going in a different direction (perhaps my ideas are a bit too far from their current branding).

At the end of the day this was a lot of fun, AND I have a real-world(ish) solution with which to woo other breweries.

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