It’s not often I get to write about myself in the third person, or start a sentence with a conjunctive adverb. So when the opportunity came along to create a short author bio, Manny Jasus jumped at the chance.

Inspired by a recent trip to a diner in Albany, NY. The characters are real, but I may have embellished the details a bit.

In a world where the Manhattan Project never created The Bomb, but Giant Robots trampled Japan into submission instead; a new era has been ushered in by a maniacal mad genius – a Cold War waged with Heat Rays and Marching Steel.

When our world ends, when our world is destroyed, it won’t be from from war, disease or any disaster we’ve ever seen. No, when our world ends, it will be because Giant Robots from outer space invade and attempt to destroy us. This song will help you overcome and defeat them.

Written as a waltz, this is a song about a scientist with just enough knowledge and ambition to be dangerous, and his tragically grand gesture to impress an unrequited love.

Everyday on the way to my son’s school, we see a smokestack in the distance. We look at it and joke it’s the factory where clouds are made (every city has their own). He must be getting older and wiser because now he promptly says, “Daddy, there’s no such thing as a Cloud Factory!” I disagree. Factories do make clouds, though not the ones he’s probably thinking of.

Gabriel stood before the monolithic stone door, hung on its hinges eons before by the Creator Himself, and looked at the latches that ran at regular intervals up and around its edges. All of them had been pulled open except one.

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